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Why do we need to change?

Most people will be aware of the ever decreasing budgets in public services. Some will bury their heads, some will cut services. Others like Monmouthshire take the challenge and use the situation as an impetus to get things right. Public services cannot be delivered in the old way. There has to be new ways, if peope are keep on recieving those services that are so important to them.

We see we have a resource that has not been used enough…people. We want your involvement, residents and colleauges. We need everyone to be a part of finding and making the solutions.

Why is it Called Your County Your Way
'Your County Your Way' is the name we gave to our submission for a Creatve Councils competition. We and five others councils were chosen from 150, given funding and assitance to carryout our ideas.Your County Your Way doesn't mean we give everyone what they want all the time. Instead it means the council are trying new ways of listening, so that what we deliver, is what is needed by communities - and not something we have decided is neccassary.

How are going to do this

For the council to be able to meet the challenges ahead, we know we need do more that just listen, we need to change the culture of the organisation.
  • We need to have staff who are allowed and equipped to be flexible, to be able to meet changing needs and respond quickly to a ever changing environment. We call this Agile Working.
  • We need to look again at our services, at the 'system' from the customers point of view to see if what we are doing what matters, to do this we use Systems Thinking
  • We need colleauges who have new skills in creativity and coming up with ideas, in service design, who can spot oppurtunity, who are energised and who know how to think outside public service thinking. We call this Intrapreneurship, as its about having that entreprenural spirit and outward look, while working in the council.
  • We need to look out to the world to find the best ways of doing things. To keep up with is happening and advances around the world to make sure we can deliver the best services we can. We have called this Go Find - to go and find the knowledge
  • We need to, probably most importantly, to find and use new ways of Listening and Engaging with the communties. To make sure we are not distant and are a part of the communities of Monmouthshire.
Really these five areas are not seperate, they all interlink, but it helps us to focus and to indentify progress by seperating them out.

There are pieces of work and proects divided into secton which you can access and follow the progress of above.

What's this site for?

This site contains a lot of information, tools, training material, ideas and approaches. To enable you to undertsand why we are doing this. To see what we are doing - and very importantly, it will hopefuly give you enough information so you will want to be part of the journey.

In the Go Find section we would love you to add knowledge and ideas you have come across that could help us in this journey.

What to know more from a human or in print?

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